About Us

GoGetIndiaGoGetIndia is founded in 2018 by the young social entrepreneur Pavel Bhattacharya of India in collaboration with Canadian NRI Alok Sarma.

This organization is a unique e-commerce initiative with a vision to share the benefits of world-class technology with rural sectors, small and medium towns. Its vision aligns with the overall goal of digital India, creates opportunities for young people to be self-employed in various sectors of supply chain management to facilitate e-commerce.

Being an operator of an NGO organization, Pavel has tremendous hands-on experience and understanding of the real need of rural India where e-commerce can play a havoc role.

Alok is a technology architect, working with the latest trend and technology in top-notch companies with roots and childhood tied to Kolkata. Alok is investing in the GoGetIndia venture and partnering with Pavel to groom e-commerce in India, grow this organization with world-class technology and best service to Indian, go clean and green, helps Indians to get quality products sitting at home, and also export indigenous products to rest of the world.

GoGetIndia is launching day-to-day product lines like COVID resistance health & Hygiene, Grocery, Snacks, lifestyle, and custom made products. Also, it offers a few essential services like Online Courier and Digital marketing which are the basic needs of our Indian society. The organization has plans to launch other product lines like medicine, garments,  school, and educational items, and much more product lines and services in near future for the benefit of society.

GoGetIndia has state-of-art e-Commerce technology built for the NGO company known as DICM.

It is built with B2B (business to business) collaboration with various companies spanning across the continents.

The diagram shows all fundamental business processes which work together to make GoGetIndia one of the best e-commerce platforms.


Shopify  SHOPIFY - Website server platform with opensource application software to facilitate e-commerce online store

Razorpay RAZORPAY - Payment Gateway to carry our secured and safe online payments

Ship Rocket SHIPROCKET - Logistics and Delivery services to ship products to remote and local areas 

Big Rock BIGROCK - Provide secure Domain Service and email service 

facebook FACEBOOK - Provides facilities in shops in the Facebook shop and marketplace. Also, advertise, market, and campaign products using Facebook advertising to generate leads

Google  GOOGLE - Search the GoGetIndia website and its products and services in Google. Also, advertise on Google

YouTube YOUTUBE - Shows GoGetIndia YouTube channel to show all product images, product videos, and GoGetIndia advertisement images and videos

Live ChatBot LIVE CHATBOT - Provides Live chat facility to the customers to talk to GoGetIndia Help Desk and Admin through service provided by TawkTo company

Live Search LIVE SEARCH - Perform an instant search for a product, services, and also gives ability to filter and sort search result information

Share This SHARE IN SOCIAL MEDIA - Share any products with friends and families through social media like FaceBook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Google Gmail, print to the printer, and other social media. This service is provided by ShareThis company

Social Login SOCIAL LOGIN - Login through Gmail or Facebook if the customer doesn't want to create a login and password on the GoGetIndia website

Smart Menu SMART MENU - Icon based mega menu system provided in the GoGetIndia website. The menus are responsive and works in Mobile phone as well

Magic Zoom Plus MEGA ZOOM PLUS - Provides a zoom facility to magnify product image for the users to clearly see the product as it appears in a retail store. This service is provided by Mega Zoom Plus company

Reorder REORDER - Provides the facility to offer discounts for repeat orders. This service is provided by Reorder Master Report Order company



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